Kill The Client EU Tour 12" Split

by Kill The Client

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2012 EU tour split release with Finnish grinders Feastem. This was released in Europe only as a 12" vinyl release on 10/12/2012. Doom and black metal sucks!. Grind!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


released October 4, 2012

Kill The Client is :

Morgan - vocals
Richardson -guitar/vocals
Delgado - bass/samples
Fajardo - drums

Art and layout - Jason Barnett
Recording and mix - Garry Brents

Thanks to : Doom Star Booking, Relapse Records and all the grinders and punks that support this type of noise. Death to false grind !



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Kill The Client 12" Split Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Hammer The Red Button
cold war mind control
radiation disease
propaganda lived by a generation.
hammer the red button
and call the bluff
greedy two party system
tabloid journalist
leading to inevitable human failure
it feeds fools, nothing but worse to come
the sickness of a dying planet
bring back the fear
all out force
now end it all
smile on the face
planetary demise
Track Name: Programmed/Used/Erased
the mindless machine
the operation dormant
now engaged
mission given death is coming
hypnotized trigger released
shots fired blood spilled
mission accomplished
shots fired blood spilled - used
reality returns in a jail cell
blank stares equals no evidence
government trained - programmed
mission accomplished - used
agent provacateur agent employed
by police to act undercover to
entice and provoke another to commit
an illegal act employed by police
to commit an illegal act
mission accomplished
Track Name: Comatose,Satiated and Dangerous
Your life is so easy
that it hurts to move
to even really think
a pain unknown
in fear of outsiders
a stupid sense of superiority
in fear of a god
a disgusting sense of piety
indignant idiocy runs rampant
a people controlled by sloth
you deserve this and worse
ignorance has never equaled freedom
and you are a revolting slave controlled
ignorance has never equaled freedom
and you are a revolting slave
eat shit
Track Name: Pissing In The Sock Drawer
Not a single thing I do anymore can make you happy
shoe on the other foot id have to agree
severing head to save the body
walking backwards into flames
three steps ahead , two steps backwards
collateral damage of a new direction
shoe on the other foot id have to agree
so this is how I drive the final nail
pissing in the sock drawer
Track Name: Lying Addict (the filth from your mouth)
proper propaganda
flows through your shit box
the business of information control
feed them what to believe
poison the truth
addicted to every channel
make them believe the dream
as you rape the truth
nothing is fair
leaning toward imbalance
hypnotized by hypocrites
news flash motherfucker
world peace can't be done
the American dream is dead
kill your television
the American dream is dead
Track Name: Fraudulent Rule
your encroachment upon society is despicable
thou shalt not steal unless you are the state
preaching non-violence
robbery resold as taxes and war as
you bless the troops for their participation
liars and thieves
frauds who demand to rule
subserveant peasants groveling
for crumbs and approval
for what? you have no claim to any of this.
for what? you are nothing
Track Name: Glad Hand Grinder
I got into this sewer for the purity sincerity
my lowered ideals were a total mistake
attitudes and bullshit backstabbing
glad handed grinder
even in the sewer and pyre of filth
shit is still king
Track Name: Double Barreled Diplomacy
i'm sick of your offers
got nothing left to lose
i'm tired of you pointing your finger
no more being under your thumb
you want my compromise?
both fucking barrels